About Us

In June 2013, Amarillo Juniors Volleyball Club and Canyon Volleyball Club decided to join Texas Advantage Volleyball, and become TAV Amarillo.  Texas Advantage Volleyball (TAV) is based out of  Dallas.  TAV is the #1 club in Texas ​for the 14th year in a row, and TAV was named the “Club of the Year” in USA for the 7th  year in a row. 

TAV is a non-profit volleyball club who's goal is to provide a reasonably priced place for every level of volleyball player to drill, practice and play in a way that leads to future success. 

We have several different level of teams for players to choose from.  We have local teams that don't travel; Limited Travel Teams who compete at local tournaments and one major and/or national qualifier; and Elite Travel Teams that travel to at least two National qualifiers and to other major tournaments out of town and local tournaments.  The "club" season begins with tryouts in the fall and practice begins in December.  Tournaments start in January.  Local and Limited travel team's season ends in April, while Elite teams have the potential to qualify for the National tournament and continue their season through June.

Our program is designed around training coaches and players using the TAV System.  The TAV System is consistent and provides hitting, blocking, serving and passing techniques, as well as defensive and offensive systems which will improve players' club and high school potential regardless of whether they choose to play in college or not.

The coaches and trainers that implement our training system are some of the best and most energetic in the country at developing our players' volleyball and personal potential.  New coaches don't just show up ready to coach, they go through a difficult training and certification process that takes both time and experience giving our players quality coaching.

If you want to earn a spot, improve your game or compete for a college opportunity, TAV is a great place to be!
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